Ton-Taun | Get Well

Ton-Taun | Get Well


I am a bit late on this album, but that’s because I first head about it when I already had my best of 2012 list. If only I heard it sooner! They have a psychedelic-dream-pop (a genre I just made up) sound. Ton-Taun is a band from Philadelphia, PA. They share a member from another Philly band that made it onto my best of 2012 list Is And Of The. I am pretty sure this is a concept album, maybe a very loose one. I only think this because they way the songs are named and the order of them. Sobriety Check, Bottoms Up!, New Years, then the last couple songs are named Aftershock, and Get Well. My favorite track, New Years, is a 10 minute long song that just keeps on building and building. It gets to a point where there are trumpet solos, screechy feedback solos, and a mix of both. It’s really easy to get lost while listening to this, which is a good thing. This is probably best listened to with headphones on. That way you can hear all the detail that they put into each song. They all have little sounds that make up the song. If they weren’t there, the songs definitely would sound like they’re missing something. Overall, this is a great album and is definitely worth the $4 they’re selling it for. Plus, it comes with a super cool PDF file with illustrations and lyrics for each song. I always love it when bands put something extra with their digital downloads like that.



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